We are a group of people of different ages that are committed with social cohesion. We are interested in sharing our motivation towards subject matters such as ageing and old age with interdisciplinary actions that oscillate from Humanities, Arts to Science.

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SOY PÁJARO assumes that the act of a good age is a great act of protest


SOY PÁJARO it is a Latin-American cultural project originated in Mexico City. Its main objective is to produce, promote and spread cultural, artistic, patrimonial and educational programs that allow an exchange between old and new generations.

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There are several prejudices and stereotypes regarding people of age that are deeply rooted in Mexican society, as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean. These prejudices and stereotypes are highly damaging to the lives of old and ageing people. The grotesque and ugliness has become a synonym of old age rendering ageing people into a negative paradigm. They are also the part of society that are more undervalued and because of it they are mistreated having thus a poor quality of life.

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We believe older people are beings full of light with an incredible experience in life. They still have the urge -as everyone else- to share and to learn both in an individual as well as in a collective level.

Nowadays there are people of all ages making an intuitive commitment to change the pattern, values and viewpoints on getting older. This commitment is not only to themselves but also to future generations to better the life of ageing people with more appropriate rights that will grant them dignity, freedom and fulfilment to transcend as human beings.

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Soy Pájaro

Believes that to age with dignity takes a brave and rebellious act against a society that insist, either by omission or involuntarily, to abate the life quality of those who have been privileged enough to have reached old age. Society as strong prejudices against those who no longer produce or consume in great amounts such as people of age; this prejudices gravely affect their quality of life.

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Our creation process has been more fertile when developed within an artistic residence. The artistic material as well as the monetary and humane help from the institutions that have welcome us with open arms have render intense creative processes of research and creation with results that have exceed expectations.

Residency at the Centre of Continuous Education of the National School of Social Work (2011)
Residency at Colorada Country House in Chapultepec (2012-2013)
Residency at the National Institute of Geriatrics (2013)
Residency at the Artistic Connection Unit of the University Cultural Centre of Tlatelolco (2015-2016)

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