Project’s presentation
The project is to portray eight stories form the book Nenitas by author Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny. The selected stories were: “The world after the water”, “To bite all life”, “The day dad died”, “Total”, “Dream habits”, “Run for life”, “I hate my life and I dream of the bay”. All of selected stories show in different ways how to resist, process, deal with, accept, and over come daily difficult situations in the lives of various women with diverse contexts. Each story describes a peculiar way of tenacity to live life to the fullest and never give up into being a passive person adrift. The voice of the narrative text remains on stage: astuteness, sharpness, irony and sarcasm as well as tenderness and naiveté. Out of these contradictory voices, characteristic of Aguilar Zéleny, emerges the unique poetry behind each story.

Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny is a skilled author on portraying the inner world of little girls and adolescents. We propose elderly women as the performers from Physical Theatre Workshop UVA, Tlalelolco, UNAM; repertoire actresses of SOY PAJARO; as well as invited actors. We believe that elderly actors are human beings that embody the resistance, not only on stage but also in their daily lives, that adolescents live everyday.

Project’s running performances
It would be premiered the second semester of 2016.

Project’s Crew
• Performers
Pilar Camacho
Sylvia Dávila
Martha Heredia
Lucia Huitrón
Ricardo Chávez

• Creative Crew
Isaura Matamoros
Andrea Larios
Amarilys Torrado Ramos
Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny
Sergio Écatl
Josafat Aguilar Rodríguez

Collaborating Institutions
• UVA Tlatelolco UNAM
• Teatro UNAM


  • Artistic Connection Unit of the University Cultural Centre of Tlatelolco, UNAM, Mexico City :