Project’s presentation
All human beings develop an aesthetic experience about their surrounding world and with the artistic creations he interacts. When one reaches old age one posses a wide range of cognitive, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual experiences that are the result of an essential human development, with the opportunity of further enrichment.

The main purpose of the project is to stimulate the artistic sensibility of the students, also to enrich their artistic and cultural knowledge and to provide a space in which they can develop, socialise, empower and establish a dialog with other generations. This project allows elderly people to reach new arenas of knowledge; it is an important stage in a lifelong learning as well as gerontology education. Photography merges aesthetic and artistic education with digital technology allowing the elderly not only to be better prepared for the present and future issues but also to communicate with younger generations. Dialogue through art is a fertile space for the exchange of ideas between generations, something in need nowadays.

Project’s running performances
The project is divided into four stages:

Stage One: Workshop “Introduction to digital photography for the elderly”. The duration of the workshop was of three months, a 2 hours weekly class. 20 hours were dedicated to theory and 10 hours to practice.

Stage Two: Curatorship of the best photographs and opening of the First Photographic Exhibition “Miradas (Gazes)” of the workshop. The exhibition has had two montages so far: the first one at the Photographic Library of Cuba in August 2015 and the second in Obrapía House in the Office of the City Historian of Cuba in November 2015. The latter was part of the event “Photographic November”.

Stage Three: Making a photographic book containing all the works featured in the exhibition as well as short text about renown artists, geriatrics and gerontologist of Cuba and Latin America. The digital copy of the book shall be distributed to the main gerontology and artistic institutions in Latin America.

Stage Five: Execute the entire workshop in different provinces of Cuba and cites of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Project’s Crew
General Manager: Amarilys Mercedes Torrado Ramos.
Production and Set-Up: Lisette Ríos Lozano.
Photography professor: Alberto Arcos Gómez.
Editorial Manager and project consultant: Josafat Aguilar Rodríguez

Project’s Alumni
Jorge Aguilera Tejeda
Caridad Castillo Vizcaino
Daisy Rosa Muñoz Verdeja
Mauricia de la Caridad Cabrera
Olga Parra Rodríguez
Gladys Amparo Pérez Bello
Magaly Valdés Águila
Lázaro Fernández Rodríguez
Julia Aday Prieto
Brenda Alfonso Rodríguez
Sonia Garrido Hernández
Leonor Franco
Librada Bubaire Meriño
Esperanza Díaz Herrera
Teresa Cruz Quesada
René Álvarez Puentes
Elsa García Parra
Edilia Hernández Farías
Ramón Montano Martínez
María Eugenia Restoy Romero
Claribel Kessel Corrales
Mirella Suarez Ortega

Collaborating Institutions
• Lecture about the Older Adult by La Habana University
• Photographic Library of Cuban Ministry of Culture
• Vitrina of Valonia Gallery-Museum in the Office of the City Historian, La Habana Cuba.


  • Vitrina of Valonia Gallery-Museum in the Office of the City Historian, La Habana Cuba. :