Ages in the living-room. Ages in the Living?

Project’s presentation
The project is formed by three short plays: Quad by Samuel Beckett, Luisa and Women´s White long sleeve sport shirts by Daniel Veronese.

The main idea came out of a necessity to understand the cognitive process made by elder people in textual and body memory by means of theatrical representation using as guidance gerontology principles. The optimal research elements for textual memory were one-person. Textual memory is a theatrical representation that demands great focus, rigour and energy out of the performer so his narrative and fictional process are coherent. It is essential that the performer can deliver coherent dialogs for he bears in his shoulders the success of the theatrical presentation. We add an unusual experience to the performers as an extra challenge: to perform at close proximity to the audience. This would force them to perfect their technique of creating subtle intimacy with the audience. For body memory we sought a play that was entirely corporeal and that it demanded out of the performer the same concentration, rigour and energy to captivate the spectator as with textual memory. Such play was Quad by Samuel Beckett because there is no spoken text.
The results were positive and exceeded our expectations in both artistic and gerontology terms. The one-person method showed that as a theatrical instrument it is highly beneficial in cardio stimuli, neuroplastic, hypertrophy, memory enhancer in special recognition, balance, social boning, etc.

Project’s running performances
The project had three performances inside private houses as well as several performances of working progress at Colorada Country House in Chapultepec.

Project’s Crew
Sylvia Dávila
Pilar Camacho
Leona Rosas
María de Palencia
Zulema Mercado
Josafat Aguilar

Collaborating Institutions
• Colorada Country House, Chapultepec
• Centre of Continuous Education of the National School of Social Work, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)


  • Residency at Colorada Country House in Chapultepec. :